Finding the Best Restaurant In Greenwich

The best restaurant in Greenwich may be a matter of taste. New Yorkers and the many visitors to the city are always looking for something new and exciting. You can be sure that social media will make the choice of the best restaurant in Greenwich change frequently.

These are some guidelines to finding the best restaurant in Greenwich. Some are obvious and some are a bit more subtle. The idea is to explore what best means to you and enjoy the adventure of exploration. The variety that NYC offers is superb and international in cuisine and reputation. The old and the new blend seamlessly in the island of cultural Bohemia that Greenwich has become known to be.


Look for a unique location. A restaurant that is a part of a famous landmark, club, or hotel is an indication of the quality of the food. Organizations that have money can afford to pay for the best in atmosphere and employees.

A View

Dinner with a view of New York at night is inspirational. You really need to consider a restaurant that has this kind of view if you are only visiting New York for once in your life. The view will make your story.

The Chef

You want an artist. Experience is a must but there is much more to being a chef. The person that prepares a meal for you must have a passion for presentation as much as they have for how their creations taste. Greenwich abounds with famous chefs. You can pick the country of origin and the type of food that you prefer.


You want to have a certain special feeling when you take a date out to a restaurant. You need to make the right impression on business associates. Family gatherings have to be perfect. Atmosphere is the thing that helps pull off the event for you. You can get a feel for the atmosphere through the restaurants website or by arranging a short tour.


Large affairs need a certain amount of room. You need to pick the place that has the room for your guests. You have to consider if the affair is just drinks or dinner. A call usually does the trick for you. Popular spots are booked well in advance so you have to plan accordingly. Accommodations always seem to become available.

Look to social media

Social media will help you find the best restaurant in Greenwich. Best means the one that fits you and what you want to eat and do.

Read the restaurants social media page intelligently. Too much praise indicates a lot of comment control. No praise means something may be wrong.

Look for comments about the restaurant that are on pages that have nothing to do with the business. The idea here is that you can place a higher level of trust in what people say if there is no potential for financial gain involved in their social media comments.

You will find at least a few people that do not like any restaurant. The place that gets many glowing remarks about food quality, service, presentation, the chef, atmosphere, location, and the view is the one you want to check out.