Things To Do When Planning Your Rehearsal Dinner In Greenwich

Practice makes perfect. This is why one of the most important things that should be on the list of things to for your wedding is a rehearsal dinner in Greenwich. Rehearsal dinners have of recent turned into fully fledged events. The rehearsal dinner provides a great opportunity for the groom, bride, well-wishers, and loved ones to mingle and get to have a fun night before the day of the wedding.

However, there are some things you need to in order to have a stress free rehearsal dinner in Greenwich.

Listed below are some of the things to do to enable you to have a flawless rehearsal dinner:

Make a Plan

Traditionally, this event is carried out just before the mingling and meal. After which, guests are taken to a formal dinner setting to wine and dine. The rehearsal dinner is usually sponsored by the parents of the groom. These days, anything goes for rehearsal dinners. The kind of party you want is basically up to you, whether it is long and indulgent or short and sweet. There are also things like playing games, speeches, and toasts; you should consider these in order to spice up your rehearsal dinner itinerary.

The Rehearsal Dinner Should be Casual

A lot of couples prefer to keep the rehearsal dinner low-key and relaxed. Besides making sure the rehearsal dinner in Greenwich does not upstage the main wedding event, making your rehearsal dinner casual will loosen up your visitors and give them more freedom, especially those you will be meeting for the first time. You should also consider a casual dress code or something from your wedding attire. For the seating pattern, rather than a family-style food service or assigned buffet and tables, you should consider going for an open seating pattern; this will encourage and enable conversations among your guest.

Choose the Venue

Irrespective of the size of your guest list, whether it is large or small, you should consider going for a venue that is close to the site of the ceremony or close to the venue of the reception. This will help your guests to get used to the environment. It is also advised you book a venue for your rehearsal dinner in Greenwich immediately after you book the venue for your wedding. The last thing you want to hear is that the perfect venues have been booked out.

Choose a Theme

One of the best and fun ways to kick-start the weekend of your wedding is to add a theme to your rehearsal dinner. The theme of the party can be based on your cultural background. You can also feature BBQ at the backyard, or a cocktail or catered buffet hour. You can also opt-in for a game of softball and a grilled feast. It is not expensive, and it can be an easy-to-prepare and relaxing party for your guests.

Present Gifts

Usually, during the rehearsal dinner is the best time to give gifts to your wedding party guests, especially if the gift is something you'll love them to wear at the wedding. It also the best time to present gifts to your parents, to appreciate them for their support, guidance, and love.