How To Have A Fabulous Wedding Brunch In Greenwich

Foresighted couples may choose to have morning wedding and a brunch reception. Wedding brunch in Greenwich can be more relaxed and cost effective than evening wedding ceremony but creative planning is still important. With a breakfast spread to follow, say you wedding vows at sunrise or have a brunch-inspired celebration at any time of the day. Here are helpful tips on how to throw a fabulous brunch ceremony that will leave your guest astonished.

Timing Is Everything

Between 11am to 12am, a typical brunch reception usually takes place. 9am may be considered if you would like it to be more of a breakfast. It may not be okay to serve heavy foods to your guest at such early hours. To avoid overwhelming guest who may still be trying to wipe some sleep out of their eyes, some right fruity nibbles, cocktails, coffee and serve juices would be perfect. Then later on, the wedding cake, dessert and coffee can be served. Brunch may be served as a seated meal, buffet style or a combination of both. Other alternatives are serving cocktails, as the guest celebrate and mingle.

Brunch Budgets

One of the most cost-effective weddings you can have is the wedding brunch in Greenwich. The prices can range from $20 per head, depending on your budget, the site you choose and the menu. Spending on wines and liquor on an evening affair is much higher and unless you want a full live band, you won't have to spend your money on one. In addition, sites for the reception are less expensive to rent in the early afternoon, midday and of course, in the morning.

The Venue

Evening celebrating are usually bigger but less advantageous than brunch weddings. Therefore, the couple can comfortably choose from a number of venues. Some good locations are: outdoor patio at a restaurant, greenhouses, gardens or even your backyard. Visit the venue before the scheduled time of your reception and book it only if you are okay with it. Ensure that the lightning and shadows are perfect for morning photographs. It's likely that your event may not be the only event of the day at that venue, there is a likelihood that it has been booked for an evening event also; unless if you are doing it at a venue with no time restrictions or at home. Therefore, do well to check the venue's other events of the day.

Other Things to Consider

Brunch weddings have many other perks aside the reasonable budget. The photographer won't need to take grainy nighttime photos since the natural morning lighting create the perfect view for great pictures. You will have ample time to do other things since the celebration will end at 2 or 3pm. The time remaining can be used for other things including planning an activity with family, having dinner with your partner or preparation for your honeymoon.

In conclusion

Ensure you embrace your wedding brunch in Greenwich above everything else. Since it is not an evening event where you will dance till the morning and ride off into darkness, you should not pretend that it is. You will be happier and create lasting memories of you take your wedding for what it is.